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Stimulating conversations in Inspirational Environments is behind Everything we do.
Every discussion, every interaction, every message and every smile brought to life.
As you explore, be inspired too!


 Customized for your organization, facilitated as a half-day to full days, depending on your group’s size and goals.



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Executive Leadership Development Offsite


Successful business owners expect returns on their investments - People, Money, and Time. Productive and Profitable.


With just a little planning, maximize the return on your people, your business and your travel, by making the most of your time offsite.   In fact, for every $1.00 invested in business travel returns $10 - $14.99 in revenue, says the USTA by Oxford Economics.  Challenge yourself to take more proactive trips for the betterment of your business. 


The benefits of your corporate advancement sessions offsite will remove the team from outside distractions for a sufficient length of time to contemplate strategic and governance issues, goals, visions and includes the team's own professional development.



Shaking Things Up 

The Power of Facilitation.


Achieve an edge.
A facilitator accepts responsibility to help the group accomplish a common task: to move through the agenda in the time available and to make necessary decisions and plans for implementation. 



Take Control of the Experience

Facilitation is neutral. It's about taking care of the processes so that everyone
in your organization can fully participate.   It's guidance to make decisions.




Creating an environment where you as a leader engage in discussions that inspire you and your people to be accountable for doing work.



Real-time reporting giving you access to the live conversational data that takes place supporting the necessary follow up for actionable tasks.



Top down sharing of information that allows you to engage in ongoing dialogue about the business and the changing business conditions.

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  Harnessing Power

    Cut the clutter, simplify and map the stream of conversation.



Wildly Creative Thinkers

No more guessing about which expert opinions have weight and matter.  Our industry leaders, your facilitator will challenge you to be better tomorrow than you were today.  Kindle the genius.


Dig Deeper

Maximize strategies developed interactively-in real time through a constant interplay of  discussions for strategic insight and tactical action.  Explode and explore.


People and Performance

Learn new skills and enhance your conversations and capabilities.  Support the integration of new ideas/methods into your work responsibilities.


Clarity of Purpose

Tailor the discussion accomplishments for things that truly matter within the time you've allotted yourself.  Inspire to transpire.


Extraordinary Environments

Achieve more through creating extraordinary atmospheres, inspiring innovative workforces that engage, re-energize your growth and deliver results. Ignite.


Cultivating an Ethic of Contribution

Embrace transparency and make sure that you and everyone around you are passionate about the bigger vision and higher goals. Foster a Corporate Culture.

Blueprint Reporting

Strategic conversations that are fostered from the exploration of discussions, well documented and in real-time, help achieve the continued momentum needed for implementation and growth.